Rapinat Herbarium

The Rapinat Herbarium (RHT is the international acronym), is a university College Herbarium organized since 1967 and named after Fr. A. Rapinat S J (1892-1959) who pioneered teaching of Plant Science in St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli and whose collections formed the nucleus of the herbarium. The Founder Director of RHT is late Fr Dr K M Matthew S J (1930-2004) and Fr Dr S John Britto, S J is the present Director.


"The promotion of biodiversity and Conservation, based on classical and molecular systematics, eco education, multidisciplinary research and development with training in technology transfer aiming at an ultimate objective of scientific excellence, sustainable management of bioresources and livelihoods of the people."


RHT will meet the specialized demands of bioscientists dealing with uses of plant biodiversity in imparting Taxonomic knowledge on species. It would undertake research in molecular systematics to delineate taxa of economic and RET value. The herbarium will also update the floristics of southern Peninsular India and engage in Revision and Monography of select genera.